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Defensive Driving

Dive Right In

Certified by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services, our 6-hour Defensive Driving Program is the best option in town.
Perfect for ticket dismissals, points and fine reduction, insurance discounts, and license suspension reinstatement.

Defensive Driving: Courses

Online Defensive Driving Course

Due to COVID-19 all North Atlanta Driving School courses have been approved by the Department of Driver Services to be offered ONLINE for a limited time.  Just register as if you were attending class in person.  As always, Thank You for your business and support.

6 hour Online Driver Improvement Course Ordered by Court or DDS.            

Cost: $95 (Mandated by the state)

You may attend to our Defensive Driving courses, if you qualify under the following scenarios:

Insurance Discount

Georgia law O.C.G.A. 33-9-42 states that no less than a 10 % reduction in insurance premiums shall be available to licensed drivers over the age of 25 years old, providing that they have a clean driving record and have completed a DDS approved defensive driving class with a duration of no less than 6 hours. For drivers under 25 years of age, please consult with your insurance company.

Ticket Dismissal / Fine Reduction

Many Courts in Georgia will dismiss a ticket for a traffic violation if the offender completes the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program prior to going to Court. If dismissed, there will be no points placed on your driving record and your insurance will not increase.

License Suspension under 18 years old

You must complete the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program before your license will be reinstated, if you are under 18 years of age and are cited for one or MORE tickets that accumulate four or more points on your license in a 12-month period.

License Suspension under 21 years old

Completion of the 6 hour defensive driving class is required prior to license reinstatement, for any driver under the age of 18 who has had their license suspended for 6 or more months due to accumulating 4 or more points on their driving record.

Point Reduction

Georgia law states that drivers may take the 6 hour defensive driving class once every 5 years in order to reduce up to 7 points from their driving record.

License Suspension

Any Georgia driver that accumulates 15 or more points on their driving record within a 24 month period will have their license suspended until the completion of the 6 hour defensive driving class.

Defensive Driving: About
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